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The Police Department facility was constructed over 30 years ago. Significant facility improvements are required. The work has been broken into four consecutive priority phases.

Priority 1: (interior environmental system)
• Installation of coolant heat exchanger, Ceiling mounted unit ventilators, Floor mounted unit ventilator, Floor mounted fan coil units, Training room ERV unit, Exhaust fan replacements, Detective wing furnace replacements, Detective wing AC condensing unit replacements, Circulator pump replacements, Installation of two air purifier units, Garage door replacements, Associated hazardous materials removal, Associated floor finish replacement, Associated roof repairs / replacements associated with mechanical repairs,

Priority 2: (public and employee security and safety)
• Front lobby security upgrades, Lobby bathroom upgrades for expanded use and ADA compliance, Concrete ramp and step improvements for ADA compliance, Lobby ballistic separation wall installation, Chimney repair / removal , Flat Roof Replacement

Priority 3: (operational improvements)
• Replace exterior window systems, Increase front parking, Replacement of select overhead doors, Install new garage ventilation.

Priority 4 (finish upgrades)
• Replace interior floor finishes, Interior painting, Ceiling grid and panel replacement, Elevator refurbishment

Constructed in 1981, the Police Department Facility is one of the most heavily used buildings in Town. The facility is utilized 24/7 and as such building elements are worn out and need to be replaced. This building will need to service Barnstable for a very long time into the future.

In FY 2016, funds were appropriated for improvements to older heating/cooling system elements. During construction, additional deficiencies were discovered in the system that needs to be addressed. Mechanical equipment in the detective’s wing is in need of replacement. The abandoned masonry chimney is failing and could collapse on the flat roof. Portions of the flat roof need to be replaced. The lobby is outdated and not secure. There is no ballistic protection separation protecting police dispatch and reception areas from the public. Hazardous material in the exterior masonry walls has bleed through the old metal windows onto interior working surfaces with documented exposure events.

To be funded by $806,432 of the March 2022 Bonds - 1.52% of the 2021 Capital Budget