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This project will fund the design, permitting and construction of stormwater improvement projects to remove untreated stormwater discharges to ponds. The project will focus on activities that can be completed within public property (i.e. roadway layouts, town landings, parking areas, etc.).

It is envisioned that this would be a reoccurring project for these types of stormwater improvements. Year 2 funds for stormwater improvements are intended to included seven (7) locations, which will remove discharges at Lake Wequaquet, Centerville, No Bottom Pond, Cotuit and Shubael Pond, Marstons Mills from stormwater outfalls connected to the drainage systems on adjacent roads, which are public roads.

In recent years many ponds in Town have seen a decrease in water quality resulting in pet advisories, pond closures to swimming and algae blooms (most notably cyanobacteria). One of the major causes of reduced water quality in ponds is unmitigated and untreated stormwater runoff to ponds. These result in surges of nutrients and pollutants to the ponds, which can exacerbate water quality issues. There are dozens, possibly hundreds, of locations where this condition exists.

To be funded by $325,000 of the March 2022 Bonds - 0.61% of the 2021 Capital  Budget