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This project will fund the emergency generator implementation plan consisting of
the installation of new generators at School Administration Building, HYCC, West Barnstable Community Building and replacement generators at Town Hall, MEA, Fleet Maintenance Building, and a portable backup unit with a fueling trailer. The portable backup generator unit would be utilized to power buildings where generators have failed or where a generator has not yet been installed. FY22: 50 KW Fleet Maintenance Generator, Portable Emergency Generator, Transfer Switches, Aux fuel trailer. FY23: 175KW SAB and 75KW WBCB Generators, FY24: HYCC Generator, FY25: 175 KW Town Hall Generators.

HUREX 2019 exercises revealed that in the case of hurricane or major storm landfall the town’s generator inventory is lacking. This CIP addresses the need for emergency standby generator enhancements. The program includes purchase of a mobile generator and installation of transfer switches at critical locations. The first year funding will support generator installation at critical infrastructure facilities.

To be funded by $615,250 of the March 2022 Bonds - 1.16% of the 2021 Capital Budget