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This project replaces antiquated mechanical heating, air-conditioning, makeup air, fire suppression, and interior renovation work at the Barnstable Town hall. Due to overall project costs, this project has been broken down into several phases. Overall scope includes:

• New conditioned makeup air system
• Install new fan coil units
• Install new air cooled chiller
• New boiler connection
• New hot, chilled water pumps
• New boiler pumps
• New duct work
• New HVAC controls
• Asbestos abatement as needed
• Finish upgrades
• New ceiling systems as needed
• Structural modifications to the underground coal bin

FY22: Funding includes the replacement of the buildings air conditioning system, including 116 Induction units, water piping, and connections to the new chiller.

FY23: Funding will replace and upgrade the buildings makeup air system including installation of conditioned air handlers, new ductwork and controls.

FY24: Funding will upgrade Interior finishes, lighting, and allow limited space improvements.

In FY 2016 funding was approved to replace the existing steam heating system, at Town Hall, with a hot water based heating system. Review of mechanical systems revealed the need for multiple systems upgrades throughout the building. Heating, air-conditioning, hot water, and makeup air systems all require replacement. Much of this work is beyond the scope of the FY 2016 funding request.

In addition, space planning of office areas revealed extensive asbestos related issues at various locations throughout the building that will be affected multiple times by this limited mechanical upgrade program.

This proposal will replace existing heating, airconditioning, and makeup air systems throughout the building over the course of several funding Town Hall Mechanical cycles.

The Town Hall air-conditioning and makeup air system is at the end of its useful life and is in need of full replacement. Unconditioned moist air is currently brought in from the outside untreated, and distributed into the occupied areas. Makeup air volume does not meet current codes and does not meet recommendations for interior environmental improvements as recommended during the COVID era. Moist air condenses on poorly insulated cool piping and creates moisture and mold issues within the building. The moisture increases condensation, overloading condensate drains water to drips onto surrounding building elements creating marks on ceiling tiles and providing an environment for mold growth. This has resulted in saturated pipe insulation which is growing mold. Presently, heavy mechanical equipment currently sits over the old underground coal bin which was temporarily shored during past equipment installation. Areas under the new cooling equipment will need to be permanently supported. Coal bin structural concerns were raised in the historic building assessment.

To be funded by $1,908,596 of the March 2022 Bonds - 3.60% of the 2021 Capital Budget