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This request is for design and construction of a new pump station at 725 Main Street, which would replace the existing 720 Main Street Pump Station. Modification of existing sewers to redirect flow from Sea Street to the new pump station to address capacity concerns with South Street sewers.

The 720 Main Street Pump Station was constructed in 1972. The pump station
serves sewers in the areas of West Main Street and Greenwood Avenue. Because of the stations age it is in poor condition and has reached the end of its useful life. The pump station has reached its pumping capacity, and as a result, no new flows can be accepted at this time. The Town’s 2019 Pump Station Asset Management Plan calls for the replacement of this pump station. The 720 Main Street Pump Station was upgraded in 2009 to maximize pumping capacity, but at this point in time larger pumps cannot fit into the subterranean pump room. The 2009 upgrade project included the construction of a 14-inch force main leading to the WPCF in anticipation of a future capacity upgrade project in this location. That force main would be utilized as part of this project. Replacing this pump station with a larger pump station and redirecting sewer flow from the intersection of South Street and Sea Street to the new pump station provides the Town an opportunity to avoid a $3,200,000 pipe replacement project on South Street, which would cause major traffic disruptions on South Street for approximately one year. By shedding flow from the South Street sewers and delivering it to the new pump station,
the South Street sewers will have sufficient capacity for future build out and those sewers could be relined rather than replaced. This project allows the Town to address both the condition and capacity of the 720 Main Existing 720 Main Street Pump Station Street Pump Station and the capacity of the South Street sewers in one project.

To be funded by $23,500 of the March 2022 Bonds - 0.04% of the 2021 Capital Budget