Hyannis Youth and Community Center Facility Mechanical Improvements

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This project has been divided into multiple years of work, each addressing specific elements of repair as identified by consultants. Some of the repairs may yet to be discovered. This project continues to replace and upgrade worn mechanical systems as discovered under analysis funded in FY20.

FY24 funding will replace units ERV2 which serves the gym and locker rooms. This unit will be replaced with the inclusion of CO2 demand control, and volume dampers. All units will have stainless steel interiors and E coating on all coils. Supply air will include ultra-violet light sterilization. Any remaining project funds will be used to implement improvements scheduled for following years as deemed appropriate.

FY25 funding will replace the MAU1 unit which provides makeup air to parts of the building. Currently the unit is not providing adequate temperatures and humidity to the interior spaces. An interlock with the kitchen vent system will be installed. 

FY26 funding will replace the DH1 unit which provides dehumidification to rink 1.

FY27 funding will address interior finish and life safety element replacements as outlined in the facility management plan completed by Facility Dude in 2018.